Second Post: I’m on a streak!

No I’m not going to number every future post. But I do want to build a routine where I post every day. Not because ‘experts’ recommend to post frequently to meet visitors’ and subscribers’ expectations. After all, I don’t care about that, at this stage.

What I do care about is to develop my skills. Not only the skill of sharing, but also the art of story telling. I believe that in order to share stuff, I have to think of this stuff as interesting myself. And one way of making ordinary events interesting, is to frame them as stories.

To be honest, I don’t think that telling a story in itself is that difficult, providing that I have an interesting topic. To turn an ordinary life event into a story, feels way more daunting.

Good stories have a structure. Probably the simplest structure is something like ‘in the past, there was this…, then … happened and now we have this outcome.’ Maybe more things happened on the way, but that is beside the point.

So maybe the story of this blog will be like: ‘In the beginning there was this dream of a successful blog. Then I set up an empty blog but didn’t know how to start. I read lots of other blogs and checked out YouTube videos and they confused me more. At last I got a pointer that nudged me into just starting. And (hopefully) now the blog adds a lot of value to a lot of people.’

Now you wonder what this nudge was… I’ll tell that in the next post. Tomorrow!






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