Level up!

In the first post of this blog, I decided to gamify my blogging experience. I defined a level 0, “blogging wannabee” as my starting level. For level 1, “blogging novice” I set the goal of having the blog published and five posts. Now I can say I made it, so I’m at level 1 now!

Blogging as a game: level up!
Blogging as a game: level up!

Part of this goal should be that the posts should be quality posts, but I have no way of measuring that. Looking back at the posts so far, it looks like one way of measuring is the length of the posts. The first four posts were at least 700 words. By that metric, the fifth posts was maybe not of the same quality of the others since it was a lot shorter.

Let me revisit the goals that I set in the first post for reaching level 2: I should have 10 page views a week. With the Jetpack plugin I can monitor the number of page views per day, week or month. In the short time this site is life, this number has varied a bit, but I assume that these were my own visits to see that everything works out as I expected. The number of visitors were 1 or 2, which likely means just me myself, from different devices. I think it’s more relevant to express my goals in terms of number of visitors for now. This number shall be 5 to complete level 1. Some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other efforts are needed for promoting the site.

I also suggested setting the goal of 10 more blog posts. Together with the 5 that I had already, that will be a total of 15. Let me add that each blog posts shall at least have a length of 650 words. That does not mean that I won’t write any shorter posts anymore, but the shorter posts will not count for level 2. That also means that the fifth post will be excluded for this goal, as well as this post. So that means that I’ll have to add 11 more blog posts to reach this goal.

Last but not least I had written for a later goal that I should have at least one more topic. I noticed now that some topics don’t warrant that many blog posts and I started adding several different topics already. So I won’t need to add that to any goals anymore since the number of topics grows organically already. I think this is a good thing: rather than going extremely deep into a few topics that might inspire a handful of readers, I may now find more visitors that share my interests. I can always go deeper into certain topics if the interest from the readers exists.

So to summarize the goals for level 2, “blogging apprentice:”

    • Number of posts (minimum length: 650 words): 15
    • Number of visitors per week: 5

Let’s see how much time it will take to reach these goals!

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