About Home Automation

Home Automation is an exciting area where we can make our daily lives easier. We already made huge progress with all kinds of home appliances. The idea of having them talking to each other used to be a futuristic dream. But today simple yet reasonably powerful computers have become extremely small and cheap. They have WiFi capabilities and can run off batteries. They have become incredibly cheap and easy so that they are built in to more and more types of appliances.


Raspberry Pi and Arduino Home Automation
Raspberry Pi and Arduino Home Automation


Besides ready-made appliances, we can install multiple Raspberry Pi computers and Arduino micro controllers that we can install across the house.  We can add sensors and actuators and have them communicate with each other. This way we can build more advanced systems. Only imagination will be the limit of our possibilities.

For now, I concentrate mostly on lighting, specifically the Philips Hue smart lighting. The blog posts in the Home Automation category show how far I have come there.

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