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Blogging about blogging as social value

When talking to friends about blogging, I’ve heard from others that they would like to set up a blog and share their ideas with the world. I thought of creating a category on my site that is about blogging.

That is, until I realized that Internet already is filled with so many blogs about blogging. All kinds of self-proclaimed experts try to make a living with sometimes useful and otherwise contradictory tips of how to blog. And especially, how to make money out of blogging. I don’t feel the need to join in, compete and stand out in this hype.

However, creating and maintaining this blog is an area of exploration for me. While the technical part is certainly not my passion, providing social value certainly is. And only people actually reading the posts unlock the social value from the posts. Also the idea of creating a tribe, connecting with my readers and especially get feedback, is an aspect of blogging that I didn’t really consider before.

Monetary value

Last but not least, I hope that this blog will offer a lot of social value and to turn this into monetary value. I’ll spend a lot of time exploring and it would be great to get paid for it as well. My dream would be to dedicate all my regular working time on providing social value via blogging. In other words: professional blogging.

However, money won’t drive my explorations or my blog. Instead I’ll explore and write about the things that I’m passionate about. That way I can make sure to write the best quality posts and give the most value to you.

A simple blogging process

Is starting a blog hard? I tried it a couple of times before and I failed. After all, I think one needs a kind of blogging process that looks like this:

  1. Identify: make sure that the purpose of the blog is still aligned with my own ambitions. I only explore and cover topics that I’m still passionate about.
  2. Explore: I have to find material for sharing before it can actually be value for my visitors. Since the quality of my posts is paramount, I will have to do thorough research first. I can also turn it around: I research about the topics I am passionate about and then share.
  3. Share: the first step to share my experience is to write new posts in this blog. Later on I could add other social media channels as well, like podcasts and vlogs (video blogs on YouTube).
  4. Build tribe: the value will become real once it reaches visitors who appreciate the content. Obviously, the more visitors, the larger the real value from the same content. Therefore, I’ll need to apply techniques like Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I’ll also have to branch out to other social media channels like Pinterest. That way I hope to reach as large an audience as possible.
  5. Get feedback from tribe:  I’ll try getting feedback from visitors by explicitly asking for it and check comments on posts. This will be quality information, but with little quantitative value. Monitoring traffic with the right tools will give quantitative information. I can collect insight about which topics/posts the tribe appreciates. And I’ll get an idea of the results from efforts to increase traffic.
  6. Monetizing value: while not the primary reason for this blog, there is a commercial aspect as well beyond covering the costs. Various techniques exist like advertisements and affiliate marketing that I could explore. From the beginning, the blog will be a ‘hobby blog’ only. But it would be great if I could go professional, i.e. the blog will cover my costs of living.

Iterative steps

This is not a series of sequential steps. All these steps can happen in parallel, in an iterative fashion. Identify new topics to explore. Continue to explore to create content, publish the created content. Work on promoting the . See what content is valued most (as a direction for future content). See how efforts to increase visibility pay off. Find alternative business models. Over and over again.

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