Level 2 completed

Remember that in my first post in this blog, I introduced the concept of gamification. I introduced levels like in a game and for each level, a number of criteria that I’d need to meet. In my post about my eight months’ hiatus, I referred to the goals for completing level 2:

  1. 15 blog posts
  2. 10 page views per week
  3. 5 visitors per week

All goals are met

Excluding this post, the blog now contains 15 posts. With that, we have met the goal for completing level 2.

Some more recent statistics regarding page views and visitors:

WeekViewsVisitorsViews per visitor
10 – 16 Dec44172.6
17 – 23 Dec98166.1
24 – 30 Dec43192.3
31 Dec – 06 Jan33142.4
07 – 13 Jan62213.0
14 – 20 Jan46212.2
21 – 27 Jan24122

Remember that the previous post showed average values of 19, 7 and 2.8 respectively. While we have a few weird outliers in terms of number of page views on 17 – 23 December and 7 – 13 January, we see more than double the numbers of views and visitors compared of the weeks before. Either way, the original goals of 10 page views and 5 visitors per week were fulfilled a long time ago already.


So congratulations to myself and to my subscribers! Yes, we have subscribers as well. I didn’t dare to think of those yet and certainly not setting any goals. But at this moment we have six followers of the blog. Four of them are from my personal and professional network. And two more found my blog via other channels and also left feedback!

I’m very grateful for the subscribers because this shows that I am actually providing social value. Feedback confirms this even more and also gives suggestions of how to continue blogging. I already got some new ideas from my conversations with these subscribers. This turns a static blog into an active community. It is great to see this loop closing already now!

This means that I can also there set a goal for level 3. I’ll use the six subscribers that I have now as a baseline for a goal there.

New goals

So let’s define the new goals for level 3: Junior Blogger

  1. 30 blog posts. That is twice as many as today. I figured that this is the hardest part for now. If we ignore the eight month hiatus earlier this year, it took me four months to create 15 blog posts. It will certainly take me another four months to create 15 more.
  2. 200 page views per week. Now, we have 50 page views per week. With more SEO work to do (review existing blog posts) I expect twice as much traffic from Google. With twice as many posts, I expect yet another duplication of the traffic from Google. So four times 50 is 200.
  3. 70 visitors per week. Again, four times as much traffic from Google would result in 68 visitors. Let’s see if we can stretch that to 70, allowing slightly lower retention.
  4. 15 subscribers. So far, two subscribers found the blog. Assuming four times as much traffic, I can welcome eight more subscribers. Together with the six subscribers I already have, that would be 14. I’m sure we can find a 15th one somewhere in the woodwork.

Here we are. New goals that sound very ambitious to me. But I must confess that when I started the blog, I could hardly consider the results that we are getting today as feasible. And yet, here we are! So have confidence that we will also reach the goals for level 3. Hopefully in four months. That will be around 1 June then. I’m looking forward to a blog post that I can write for reaching level 4!

Jetpack upgrade

While people find my blog, so do spam robots. And they leave loads of messages as feedback. I ended up wading through over 30 feedback messages a day. I figured that it was time to add spam filtering functionality to the blog.

At the same time, I feel that the blog starts to actually deliver social value. Since backing up is not very straightforward in WordPress, I felt I needed a quick and easy solution there.

Jetpack provides these capabilities and much more (like Google Analytics integration), if upgrading to a Premium membership. Yes, this is a paid service but sooner or later I figure that the blog will be worth the costs. I chose to choose for ‘sooner.’