Explorations in Automation

Welcome to Marcel’s Explorations in Automation!

In this blog I’ll tell you about my experiences while exploring automation. My explorations will be in the following categories:

  1. Robotics: I’m going to explore using sensors, actuators and machine learning. I’d like to program toy robots like Lego Mindstorms, drones  and do other simple fun projects.
  2. Home Automation: I’m going to try controlling different devices at home using scripts. Let’s see what creative things we can do to make life easier and more fun at home.
  3. Vehicular Automation: I’m going to explore primarily how far we have come to have autonomous cars on the road. At the same time I’ll look at what problems do we still need to solve. What can we learn from solutions for automation in trains, planes and aerospace? What can we apply to the road? And what the future would look like with autonomous mobility?
  4. Model Railroad Control: DCC (Digital Command Control) is a solution for controlling model trains in a digital way. This opens up to connecting with computers and scripting train operations ourselves.
  5. Learning To Code: maybe you have heard of “Hour of Code,” a movement that tries to promote teaching coding to kids. While I’m not for or against the idea of teaching “everyone” to program, I do like teaching to everyone who would like to learn.
  6. Blogging: while setting up this blog, I realize that blogging is a career in itself. There is so much to learn and hence, share with you.

You’ll find a quick introduction for each topic on the respective “About” pages. Check the blog for all posts for the respective category.

Also, if you wish to know more about my background, check here.

This site is for you…

… if you enjoy like automation like I do. You may or may not have any education or background in software development. You automate things and can share your own experience yourself. Or you’d like to learn more and start trying yourself one day. Maybe you have started with your own explorations and need help to get further.

Either way, I welcome you to my tribe and I hope you will enjoy your stay. Don’t forget to say hi. I’ll keep you updated when I’ll update the site.

Marcel van Oosterwijk.